Dan Croll, Heaven London

Tuesday, the most rock’n’roll night of the week had Dan Croll showing Heaven in London how it should be done. A real mixture in the crowd proving that Croll gets through to the masses. But as the lights went out and the crowd got louder it was time for the man of the night to make his presence know.

With a slight hiccup halfway through the first song, Compliment Your Soul but with immense style and grace they take a moment and bounce back like pro’s. “Everyone fucks up” Croll assures us. With his charm, he manages to laugh it off and break the ice it feels like it, and the show can truly begin.

As the set was taking off, I couldn’t help but notice that Croll’s voice was on point, making it look easy up there. There was no doubt that the guys on stage were having a great time that caused an infectious reaction throughout the room. A tough task for a Tuesday night, but he showed the range of new and already loved tracks the fans adore.

With his next record set to be released on July 21st titled Emerging Adulthood we got to see how the new material sounds live. With his band by his side, they all showed a sense of excitement whilst performing the fresh tracks. Artist presented a true creative progression he has made on this collection of songs. The set was a pleasure to watch, with the audience feeling their appreciation also in the form of shaking shoulders and shuffling feet.

Stand out tracks for obvious reason go to Swim and One Of Us. The first one bringing it down a notch and creating some chill vibes in Heaven. And the latter having the opposite effect with bringing an abundance of energy that everyone loved. Dan Croll’s crafted harmonies come to life showing how his band are perfectly synchronised. A shout out to one of the new tracks Tokyo, that keeps his catchy nature and vivacious essence.

After heading off the stage for only a brief moment, the guys came back to perform one last track. Home had the crowd in a choir like arrangement singing along to every word and gave it the environment it deserved. But the fun under the arches of Charing Cross had to end unfortunately, before we all headed out to the rainy London streets.



Copyright Elizabeth Stephens


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