Zak Abel, Scala, London

Scala was packed on Wednesday night, which always means good things are about to happen. And for the second night, Zak Abel has sold out the place. With his debut  album, Only When We’re Naked set to drop next month, this young Londoner with his soulful and powerful vocals proves why he performs to a sold out crowd two nights in a row.

As soon as he came on stage, Abel was full of energy and charm, showing us he is without a doubt on the way to be one of England’s biggest music stars. With a voice to melt any black stone of a heart, and a cheeky smile at that, that statement is completely obvious. Dominating the stage and executing what his music does, shakes your hips uncontrollably and moves your feet like you didn’t know you could.

One thing I appreciated from the beginning of the set was how one person could turn Scala into such a joyous loving place after one track. No hostility in the room on a cold wintery Wednesday. Running From Myself and These Are The Days set the good vibes and it continued to amplify. The crowd were appreciating from the get-go.

We got a taste of things to come with Beautiful Life followed by a crowd favourite with a bit of a creative twist. Say Sumthin and Pharrell’s Frontin mash up was the perfect way to mix it up. Showed true artist flair by effortlessly transitioning between the two songs. A song written on a flight to LA, he shared, Abel‘s vocals were pitch perfect gave all that he had.

Dominating one cover already, he followed it up with another. A 30 second cover of Gnarles Barkley’s Crazy, with ‘no practise run okay?’ Almost better than the original if I dare to even suggest. Proving that he has the good to cover some of the most talented voices in the game.

“There has been some dividing forces but everyone deserves to be loved. And this is the name of the next track, Deserve To Be Loved.” A great way to tease with a little new music once again. Delivered with conviction and passion is so refreshing to see. He was made to be on the stage and track after track he proved his place.

Super gracious and grateful through-out only made the performance shine. There wasn’t a dull moment throughout the set, whether he was dancing up a storm or bringing up Kwabs and Tom Misch on stage to completely spoil the audience and tripling the love in the place.

But as much fun as everyone was having, time was running out. The bar was closing, Abel was going to leave the stage and we were going to get kicked out. But not before he shared he’s new track with us. Unstable, with the video just being released last week, and 8.5 million plays on Spotify (wow) was now brought to life at Scala. You can hear how working experience with Gordon City has brought that kind of flavour to this track. His velvety vocals pouring all over the audience and I think I pulled the old ‘stink face’ in gratitude.

Evidently talented, Zak Abel left a mark on Scala and its patrons on Wednesday night. A truly entertaining and dynamic set, try and catch this guy before he starts selling out Wembley will ya!

Words and Photos for Giggoer



Copyright Elizabeth Stephens


One thought on “Zak Abel, Scala, London

  1. I really hope I get to see him live, also, these photos are amazing! My next post is all about Zak and I would love if you checked it out!


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