Speelburg, The Pickle Factory London

In The Woods Festival took over The Pickle Factory in East London last Thursday night to get people pumped up about the actual event, that will take place in September this year.

The festival has been going on for the last 10 years and with solid names such as Alt-J, Lianne La Havas, Micachu, Young Fathers, Slaves, Kate Tempest and Jack Garratt, they preview another wave of upcoming acts, calling it Out Of The Woods.

Last week’s teaser featured Cessna Deathwish, Peluché and the headliner Speelburg. With a good mix of different genres, they selected an exciting combination of performers.

Speelburg aka Noah Sacré took the stage, shorts, jacket and bandana in tow. There was some serious love in the room for the guy. And plenty of chats between the crowd and himself, keeping it light-hearted in between songs. With the release of his latest single, Pulse Of A Million, he brought a lot of energy that his new release requires. And the hint of nostalgia through his set created an infectious amount of delight for the crowd. With two EPs under his belt and even more new music to come, it was great to see him on stage doing his thing.

There’ll be more shows as additional dates for the residency will run as follows April 12th, June 8th, July 6th and August 3rd.

Words and Photos for Giggoer


Copyright Elizabeth Stephens


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