Milky Chance, Omeara London

Under a bridge down a dark street around London Bridge, I saw a band called Milky Chance on Monday night. I has never headed to Omeara before, at first I thought I was a little lost. But when I was asked, “Do you have a spare ticket?” I knew I was at the right place. As soon as I stepped inside the place was buzzing. The underground leer that is Omeara was showcasing German duo, Clemens Rehbein and Philipp Dausch, tonight, with a new album Blossom out March 17th. Since their debut Sadnecessary in 2013 the guys are back to share what they have been creating since we saw them last.

As I stood as close to the front as I could get, not the actual front of the stage, trust me I tried, the die hard fans had their posters and merch ready to be sign. As time passed the crowd got a little rowdier and the noise of the room was starting to amplify. Without further ado the lights went down and the guys took to the stage and a large roar irrupted.

Energy was high from beginning, everyone was jumping around and the atmosphere was electric. Proving that, the guys were willing to help in making sure the scene was set.

When Ego started a few songs in the crowd showed their appreciation. Receiving a great reception seeing as it was only released earlier this month. People were singing along to every word. A sign that the true fans were paying attention. The catchy nature of the song truly had every limb in the room moving.

“This is our first show of the year and we are really nervous. It’s always scary playing new music in front of people.” There’s no denying the crowd was loving what they were hearing. But older tracks obviously getting the choir like reaction with tracks like Flashed Junk Mind and Down By The River were making ears ring.

When Stolen Dance came on there was no denying the massive hit turned it up a few notches. Getting a little hectic close to the front.

“Who likes reggae?” The guys didn’t fail to deliver their bouncy reggae riffs and upbeat melodies. Despite the sweaty nature of the room Clemens Rehbein’s raw and unique vocals remained broody the whole way through the set. And as the set continued, we got a taste of that aesthetic in their new music and could hear it shine through.

Overall a really fun winters night on a cold London Monday. These guys continue their tour around Europe, a few dates in America and Canada before heading to Australia for their huge Groovin the Moo Festival. Then it’s the summer festival season, needless to say a massive year for the guys. But we were glad to catch them in London to see the year off for them well. We will be happy to see you back whenever you return!

Words and Photos for Giggoer

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Copyright Elizabeth Stephens


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