Henry Green, St Pancras Church London

A Friday night isn’t usually spent at church but when you’re alerted to the fact that Henry Green is going to perform on an alter, you make like a good church/gig goer and make your way there. St Pancras Old Church is the location where we were honouring some sweet, soothing and heavenly sounds.

Self confessed, a little bit nervous, Henry Green was surrounded by his friends on stage so hopefully he didn’t feel too out of place. While Friday nights are reserved for post work drinks on the bosses card, we were cracking cans in a church. An unnatural exercise to be honest. We adapted very quickly as we were here to hear his complete work from his new EP, Real.

One thing that I noticed from the very start was the quietness of the audience. Normally you are fighting to hear the performer over the crowd but tonight, you could hear a pin drop from the beginning of the set. It must have been the location of the gig or it was Green’s performance.

As he opened with Slow from his 2015 EP under the same name, the broody base opened up for the audience to be transfixed by his vocals. The delicate guitar work matured as the song developed with no sense of urgency. He then started to share his new music with us, Real and More Than This continuing to show his unique aesthetic but a little punchier. And with a full band behind him it filled the old church with this effortless harmony.

A cover of Electric Feel by MGMT was up next and it was by this stage truly apparent that this kid had some skill, not that we didn’t already know. He took on this massive song and injected his serene and atmospheric style into it.

Not many people can say they have sold out a church before, but when Closer, his first song to be released since Slow EP, encapsulated why the place was packed. He mastered layering different elements and placing them together in such a way that they melt your ears. And this song is the prime example of that talent.

When Barcelona came on it was a perfect way to start winding down the set and the working week. This song, his biggest so far, with just under 2.5 million plays on Spotify didn’t disappoint. His echoing vocal grabbed hold and each verse floated through the space. As most people were sitting, you almost needed to be able to take in the beauty of the performance. After that he walked off. But we knew it wasn’t done just yet.

“I don’t know how I feel about encores because I don’t have enough songs.” But he had one last song he wanted to share. Do You Know too us to the end. It rounded off the performance wholly. What a way to do an EP launch.

Words and Photos for Giggoer

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Copyright Elizabeth Stephens


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