HOLY HOLY, London 2016.

I had a chance to go up to Angel to go see an Australian band by the name HOLY HOLY. Here are some photos I took and some words I put down for Gig Goer.


It was nothing but sentimental on Tuesday night when HOLY HOLY showed up at London’s Electrowerkz.

The Aussie band put on an energetic and captivating display as they they wind down the summer in Europe and head back down under to finish off 2016. They have been showing off their fresh and highly anticipated new music since their last year’s debut album, When The Storms Would Come.

Darwinism, the first taste released in early August, capitulates what these guys do best. Timothy Carroll‘s on-point heavenly vocals and Oscar Dawson‘s completely mesmerizing guitars colliding in a beautiful way.

The band surely demonstrates to the lively patrons how they can, not only melt faces but hearts too and do that all at once. Charming us with strong crowd pleasers, If I Were You and Sentimental and Monday, before enticing us with a taste tester of things to come.

Songs are rich musically, vocally and lyrically, ticking all the boxes of what they already do so well. Having constantly experimenting with their sound makes their music notably catchy and the energy truly contagious. Having Carroll taking the guitar off and putting the dancing shoes on in newer tracks. At one stage jumping into the crowd to take in the show himself.  A humble yet glowing review was given to fellow members, of course.

Not shying away from the great foundations they have built already, they defiantly show the packed Electrowerkz a firm sense of confidence. Particularly, Dawson‘s impressive slick and massive guitar skills that he makes look oh so effortless.

Fresh material continues to show that HOLY HOLY have a whole lot of soul as they mix and layer sounds and vocals like timely veterans.

A Heroine is the last chance for the crowd to catch the greatness and dynamic range they pull of the bag. Building-up drums close the show quite nicely to an appreciative and roaring audience.

In conclusion a word of advice here, keep an eye out in early 2017 for even more greatness from these guys. As for now, well we can only hope for another visit or two back in the northern hemisphere.


Copyright Elizabeth Stephens 2016


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