Firenze. 2015

The next stop in my Italian adventure was to Florence. After missing a train from Naples to Florence, I arrived a bit frazzled and stressed. 100% worth the stress. The Tuscan country side was something out of a painting and the rolling Italian country side is nothing short of gorgeous.

After dumping my luggage I set my sights on exploring Florence. I just walked straight, trying not to get completely lost on my first night would be ideal. The first sight would be stumbling across Cattedrale Santa Maria del Fiore, well, you can’t really miss it. “WOW”, I said out loud as I stood in front of this amazing structure. It took my breath away, I have never seen any quite like it. Something so over the top, detailed and Italian in all it’s glory.

I would spend the next couple of days, walking across the Ponte Vecchio, checking in with the statue of David, eating amazing pizza in food markets and catching up with people I had meet along the way.

Florence was where I found what I was looking for in Italy. I felt it was more authentic and rustic. It had the goods.



© Elizabeth Stephens 2016



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